Feed your passion to perform

Transform yourself on stage and screen

Stand out in the audition, get that gig, make your own theatre

Become a strong independent performing artist


This highly physical course offers you a great chance to develop your skills and find unique, powerful performances. The James Pratt Performance Intensive will be fun, honest, yes intense but always supportive and affirming. My aim is to give you the tools to be the actor that is exciting to watch, dynamic and distinct.

What’s interesting to see on stage and screen is you and in this course you will discover how amazing you can be.

It’s for actors 18 and over who are looking to challenge themselves and grow. It will  suit all those at the early stages of being a performer.  ‘Early Stages’ means you may have done  high school level drama studies, you may have done night classes or you may have not done anything but you know you just have to perform.  What’s important is the courage and hunger to learn, the passion to be a performer.

The course is 10 weeks beginning Sept 11th 2017. It will run  Mon, Tues, Wed, 9am -1pm and costs $1800.

The course will focus on three performance modes:

Neutral Mask

Neutral Mask is a wonderful way to explore how the actor can use the body to express themselves in dramatic situations. It deepens the actor’s ability to understand and put into practice the notion that less is often more. It will highlight the habitual ways that we hold ourselves and present ourselves as actors, so that the performer can find more authentic expressions.




Clown will open up the world of play and stupidity for the actor. It will offer the chance to find your unique voice. You will explore the relationship between the actor and the audience and how to work with that ‘conversation’. It’s not about being funny, it’s about finding your play and your openness.




Character will look at a diverse range of tools to help find, build and play with making and performing characters. Using physical, observational and classic motivational techniques, you will find the truth that is revealed by creating a ‘mask’ of character. You will develop characters that are unique and original.



…and three physical disciplines:

Voice: Singing helps the actor connect to different ways of expression. It helps train the voice and works on the actor’s sense of timing and it can be a lot of fun. Learn new songs and find confidence in using your voice.

Dance: Helps the actor with articulation of the body and precision with movement. It also develops the skill to express performance non verbally. Dance will offer up the chance to find more balance, rhythm and timing in your work.

Yoga: A physical practice that will not only help with strength and flexibility but open the actor to finding ways to be present and mindful of themselves.

To apply contact me via the contact page to arrange an interview and simple audition.